​About the Company

More than 10 years ago e-Fly launched the theory curse for new pilots, that was a mark here in Brazil because now people can study the theory at home and when they want in a much more cheaper way, it started to get recognition on the market and in a few years we started work with Embraer

The work with Embraer give the opportunity to e-Fly to enter on the defense market, and with one of the best CBTs for the Super Tucano for more than 5 years now, and with that we started the project for the Armored Vehicle Guarani from the Brazilian Army.

The Guarani project was ambitious because was the first project that we implemented the CBT on a tablet, but at the same time it needed to be at the same level of quality, it was difficult but worthy.

The other segment that e-Fly wanted to enter was the Simulation of aircraft and helicopter, we started developing the visual synthetic for the simulators, doing the main airports from Brazil, and later in partnership of Marcnamara we start building it.

With that e-Fly is the first and only company in Brazil to have a certification from ANAC on the simulator of Robinson 22.

With all this hard work we got recognition from the Army and in 2012 we went to I/ITSEC in Orlando, with the Brazilian Army and many other Brazilian companies.

Now we're still working with CBT and the simulation but we're always looking for new opportunities on those segments, and always trying to upgrade how our CBTs are made.


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