CBT (Computer Based Training)

In Brazil we are know as one of the best companies that make a high quality CBT, with clients like Embraer (CBT for the aircraft Super Tucano) and Brazilian army (CBT for the Armored Guarani), its hard to find another product like ours, we also have a product on the market that is very know between Pilots of Aircraft and Helicopters and is certified by ANAC.

With 3D images faithful to the equipment that people will use and sound we want to give the best visual so when you go apply what you learn on the real equipment you'll know exactly what you'll need to do without getting lost.

The companies want that kind of CBT for their products because its saves money training professionals and time, since our CBT got interactions at specific points and you can always stop and go back how many times you want until you know the exactly procedure.

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